Nominated for 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Award

The Whiskey Shambles - 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominee

Brother James - 2011 Cincinnati Entertainment Award WinnerWe’re excited to announce that¬†Whiskey Shambles have been nominated for another Cincinnati Entertainment Award this year. If you don’t mind, please drop a vote our way… we’ll scratch your back later — we promise.

After getting waaay too crazy at last year’s awards show, being asked to put our clothes back on multiple times, cut off by every bartender in the joint, and a few other things we actually aren’t legally allowed to talk about, the fools have rolled out the red carpet for another night of Shambles debauchery.

The Whiskey Shambles at the 2014 CEAsThanks to the nominating committee, to our fans, and to everyone who wants to see us dancing on the tables again this year. We’re proud be in the same company as all the other nominees, and apologize in advance for whatever might come of this. We’ll bring bail money.

And thanks to CityBeat for putting on this shindig and doing so much to support local music. We’re lucky to live in a city with a music scene so great, and you’re a big reason why. Kudos!