Shambles Win 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Blues

The Whiskey Shambles WIN the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues Act

2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

The Whiskey Shambles won the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues Act.  But, like last year, that’s not the whole story…

We were asked to play the awards show — the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!  Never having heard of another band doing that, we were very proud to have been invited back so soon.

Because we were also nominated for the Best Live Act category, we thought we should put together a pretty big, exciting set.  So, at second to last in the night’s lineup — an evening filled with great acts, that we were proud to share the bill with — we took the stage and played one of our most fun sets to date: Rusted Pistol, Moonshine Goddess, Steal your Heart, and The Whiskey Shambles at the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment AwardsThis Whole Side of Town.  We’ll post video very soon of the performance.

Mike Breen wrote a follow-up article about the CEAs and gave us a nice shoutout: “When The Whiskey Shambles (who’d earlier won the Blues CEA) were performing their diverse spin on Blues/Rock, a guy next to me said, “They’re good, but they’re not Blues.” While it’s true if perhaps based on an inflexible dictionary definition, the Shambles are impressive because they don’t adhere strictly to the antique Blues blueprint, which is just the kind of act the CEAs loves to honor and celebrate.”  

The Whiskey Shambles WIN the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues ActThe set was accompanied by some great visuals put together by Brother James, from old spaghetti westerns and ’70s exploitation movies.  We liked them so much, they’ll likely be part of the eventual music videos for those songs.

We were also happy to not only have our newest member of The Shambles, Tim Seiwert, with us on drums, but have Aaron Tyree come off the injured reserve bench to join us on auxiliary percussion.  It made for a thunderous sound.  Hopefully Aaron will be healed up and back behind the kit some time in March / April.

So again, we move forward into the new year energized and focused — charged by the support and devotion of our fans and excited for all the new stuff coming soon.  Thanks to everyone for believing in and supporting us.

Wait’ll you get a listen to what’s up next…