Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from The Whiskey Shambles!

Nathan and LaTanya whipped together a great cover of Claude Ely’s “Ain’t No Grave.” The rest of us are dying to drag this one out at a show.

Hope to see you at a Shambles show soon!


The Family Grows: Tim Seiwert joins The Shambles

Tim Seiwert

Tim Seiwert with The NewbeesWe’re very excited to announce that Tim Seiwert, formerly of The Newbees (and a bazillion other great acts) will be staying on with The Shambles after his stint as our substitute drummer during Aaron’s shoulder surgery recovery.

We’ve been having so much fun working with him, we’ve asked him to hang around for the long haul.  In the future you’ll see him join The Shambles on organ, as well as auxiliary percussion, and vocals (his Shambles vocal debut is actually this weekend at the Winter Blues Fest).  And he’ll probably jump behind the kit on occasion when Aaron is otherwise unavailable.

Tim Seiwert with The NewbeesIf you’re a musician in the Cincinnati area, you may also know Tim as the owner of the music store, Tone House Music (in Northside, Cincinnati) a while back, or as an event sound guy.  He’s now the manager of the Cincinnati branch of Backline Super Stars, one of the premiere professional backline services, with warehouses in Cincinnati and Tampa.

We’re looking forward to continuing to jam with him, and all the adventures to come.  Thanks, Tim, for putting up with us!  But really, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.


The Shambles present: The Lords of Reverb Blues Revival

The Whiskey Shambles present: The Lords of Reverb Blues Revival

The Whiskey Shambles will be playing the Winter Blues Fest in the Presidents Room at The Phoenix, in downtown Cincinnati on Friday, February 5, from 8:00pm to 9:15pm. (The fest continues on Saturday, Feb 6.)

The Shambles have chosen the 2016 Cincy Winter Blues Fest to debut their new stage show: “The Lords of Reverb Blues Revival.”

We stand on the shoulders of giants and carry the weight of music that comes from deep within the soul. Their burdens shaped their spirit, and carved deep scars in their sound. We pay homage to the greats who have come before us. The wolves that howled, lemons that were blind but saw so much, those with lead in their belly. Long before the age of electronics, their words rang out like thunder from the hills, needing no reinforcement, no artificial echo. We honor the Lords of Reverb.

The Whiskey Shambles present: The Lords of Reverb Blues Revival

The Whiskey Shambles new blues stage show, in the “tent-revival” style, features a tribute to the legends of north Mississippi hill country blues and delta performers, as well as many of The Shambles’ critically-acclaimed blues originals.

This is a new era for The Whiskey Shambles… separating their pure “blues” content into its own show, so that their main Shambles shows can be free to explore a variety of genres, and not be hindered by any labels or expectations.

“We are a rock band with a blues foundation. AND we are a blues band with a rock edge,” explains Shambles’ bassist Brother James.  “But we’ve been told we’re ‘too blues’ for this rock event, or ‘too rock’ for that blues fest.  Most of what we do is a melting pot of rock, blues, soul, gospel, folk… roots music.”

Shambles frontwoman, LaTanya Foster, clarifies, “We can play a pure-blues show, if needed or requested.  But many venues, bookers, and promoters don’t separate the two, or understand the distinction.”

The creation of this special stage show is an opportunity for The Whiskey Shambles to offer venues and festivals two different ‘versions’ of The Shambles to choose from.  A high-energy “tent revival”-styled blues stage show, “bordering on a theatrical production,” Foster explains, or a dark, gritty rock show, “speeding off a cliff at full-throttle.”

Nathan Singer, co-founder of the group, concurs, “Whooooo well well,” and turns back to his bottle of rotgut.


About 2016 Winter Blues Fest

Advance tickets are available from Brown Paper Tickets. Tickets are $20 per night or $33 for a weekend pass. Tickets will be sold at the door, but this event has sold out many times in the past, so advance tickets are recommended.

The event is a fundraiser for the Cincy Blues Society’s Blues In The Schools program.


Shambles Win 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Blues

The Whiskey Shambles WIN the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues Act

2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

The Whiskey Shambles won the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues Act.  But, like last year, that’s not the whole story…

We were asked to play the awards show — the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!  Never having heard of another band doing that, we were very proud to have been invited back so soon.

Because we were also nominated for the Best Live Act category, we thought we should put together a pretty big, exciting set.  So, at second to last in the night’s lineup — an evening filled with great acts, that we were proud to share the bill with — we took the stage and played one of our most fun sets to date: Rusted Pistol, Moonshine Goddess, Steal your Heart, and The Whiskey Shambles at the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment AwardsThis Whole Side of Town.  We’ll post video very soon of the performance.

Mike Breen wrote a follow-up article about the CEAs and gave us a nice shoutout: “When The Whiskey Shambles (who’d earlier won the Blues CEA) were performing their diverse spin on Blues/Rock, a guy next to me said, “They’re good, but they’re not Blues.” While it’s true if perhaps based on an inflexible dictionary definition, the Shambles are impressive because they don’t adhere strictly to the antique Blues blueprint, which is just the kind of act the CEAs loves to honor and celebrate.”  

The Whiskey Shambles WIN the 2016 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Blues ActThe set was accompanied by some great visuals put together by Brother James, from old spaghetti westerns and ’70s exploitation movies.  We liked them so much, they’ll likely be part of the eventual music videos for those songs.

We were also happy to not only have our newest member of The Shambles, Tim Seiwert, with us on drums, but have Aaron Tyree come off the injured reserve bench to join us on auxiliary percussion.  It made for a thunderous sound.  Hopefully Aaron will be healed up and back behind the kit some time in March / April.

So again, we move forward into the new year energized and focused — charged by the support and devotion of our fans and excited for all the new stuff coming soon.  Thanks to everyone for believing in and supporting us.

Wait’ll you get a listen to what’s up next…


NEW Shambles Beer – July 30

The Whiskey Shambles’ brew is BACK! And we’re shambling onward with a new recipe… this time they used wood chips soaked and seasoned with WHISKEY in the secondary fermentation stage to give this brew the kind of kick you’d expect from The Shambles.

Once again, we’ve worked with Rivertown Brewing Company to create “Shamble On – Dubbel Barrel Blues,” a Belgian Dubbel aged with whiskey-infused wood chips.

Shamble On (label) - The Whiskey Shambles

Shamble On will be tapped at 5:30pm at a special event on July 30, 2015, at the Rivertown Brewery taproom, with a performance by The Shambles starting at 6:00pm.

NEW Whiskey Shambles Beer Tapping: Shamble On – Dubbel Barrel Blues
LIVE MUSIC BY:  The Whiskey Shambles
DATE:  Thursday, July 30, 2015
TIME:  Doors 4:00pm, Tapping 5:30pm, Music 6:00pm
VENUE:  Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House
ADDRESS:   607 Shepherd Drive, Lockland, OH 45215
RSVP:   Facebook Event

After the success of Shambling Southward, our beer collaboration last fall (which was first tapped in January), we started talking with Rivertown about brewing another special beer for this summer. We really liked what they did with the last one, and so did everyone else. But it needed just a bit of tweaking… and after some discussion and experimentation, we knew the whiskey chips would bring home that Shambles vibe… a recipe that captures the band’s unique sound and spirit in liquid form. We’re sure that our fans — and craft beer fans — will love it.

Shambling Southward Tapping Event - Rivertown Brewery - The Whiskey Shambles

The Whiskey Shambles entertain one of the largest crowds ever at the Rivertown Brewery taproom,
for the tapping of “Shambling Southward,” their first collaborative brew.

Last year Rivertown Brewing Company began a transition to focusing on wilder varieties of beer (with an emphasis on Belgian and sour styles), has been experimenting with small batch recipes — exploring ideas from the brewery’s staff, not just the brewers. Their DIY attitude and spirit of exploration really speak to us. We felt that Rivertown was the perfect brewery for The Shambles to partner with, after our last collaboration we knew we were right.

Like Shambling Southward, the recipe for Shamble Onward was developed by pilot brewer Rob Westendorf, the mind behind Rivertown’s very popular Jenneke Belgian Blond Ale.  Rob and his wife Roxanne (Rivertown’s Beer Evangelist) collaborated with Brother James — the band’s resident beer geek — for several months to come up with a new brew that could represent The Shambles and our music.

Rivertown Beer Evangelist Roxanne Westendorf and Rivertown Pilot Brewer Rob Westendorf adding Belgian Ardennes yeast to the Whiskey Shambles brew' Shambling Southward

Roxanne and Rob adding Belgian Ardennes yeast to the brew

Roxanne explains this unique beer: “We modified the previous recipe — which was based on a rich Belgian Trappist Dubbel — and added whiskey-infused wood chips to the secondary fermentation stage, to make a beer that is inviting, but as bold as The Whiskey Shambles.”

We’ve always described The Shambles sound as a loud, belligerent style of demonic hill-stomp blues that almost . . . but not quite . . . betrays an air of subtle sophistication lingering just around the edges.  This brew combines an exciting wallop from the whiskey with the gentler refinement of the Belgian style, making it a perfect pairing with the band: an even more potent blast of what we’re calling, “Dubbel Barrel Blues.”

Beer Geek info

Brewer: Rob Westendorf
Asst. Brewer: Roxanne Westendorf
Brew Lackey: Brother James
Recipe: Rob Westendorf
Type: All Grain
Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage

Ingredients:  German Pilsner 2-row malt, German wheat malt, Special B malt, Aromatic malt, Caravienne malt, corn sugar, Perle hops, Belgian Ardennes yeast.  Brandy-infused wood chips added to the secondary fermentation stage.

Measured Original Gravity: 1.070 SG
Measured Final Gravity: 1.008 SG
Color: 15.4 SRM
Bitterness: 23.8 IBUs
Estimated Alcohol by Volume: 7.8 – 8.2%

Here’s some press about our last beer / event

Akron Beacon Journal – Cincinnati blues band teams up with Rivertown Brewing

Cincinnati Business CourierRivertown partners with Cincinnati band on bluesy brew

CincyGrooveRivertown Brewing & Whiskey Shambles Release Limited Edition Beer

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CincyMusic – The Whiskey Shambles Beer Tapping

CityBeat – Cincinnati Blues Hits the Road


Shambles House Revival Tour

The Whiskey Shambles - Shambles House Revival Tour

The Whiskey Shambles - Shambles House Revival TourNo, The Shambles haven’t been given an artist-in-residency at the Southgate House Revival. Nor are we living in the belfry. But you might think so with our upcoming schedule…

We’ll be at SGHR 4 times in the next month, and they’ll all be very different kinds of shows:

On April 3 we’re opening for Somebody’s Darling (Dallas, TX), playing an appropriately rockin blues set with these fine folks from the Lone Star State.

Then the next evening, on April 4 we’ll be contributing a very eclectic 80’s medley set to 80’s Pop Rocks, a benefit concert for Caracole.

And on April 17 we’ll be doing another set of covers — this time, from The Beatles for The Newbees hosted charity show We All Shrine On, benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children.

And then on May 3 we’re opening for Future Thieves, with our Cincinnati pals, LOVECRUSH 88. That’ll be an even different show from the others.

Guess it’s like a mini-tour, that doesn’t go anywhere. We’re considering a few other names…

April @ SGHR: We might as well just leave our stuff there.


April @ SGHR: We might as well just move in.

So stop by SGHR in the next month. I’m sure we’ll be there several times in between as well, but we can’t guarantee sobriety on those nights.